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Keeping The Heat Out!

We love Florida’s warm weather and we are big fans of the suns impact on our local environment, but that doesnt mean we don’t need to protect ourselves from it. Excessive sun exposure can damage our cars interior and increase cabin temperatures to unbearable oven like levels. Sun shining through your home or business windows can fade and damage interior paint and pictures, while increasing your interior temperature causing your a/c unit to have to work harder and harder. At Sun Solutions Window Tinting we offer solutions to your Auto, Home, RV or Commercial Business cooling needs. Our experienced staff are ready to create your sun solution!

Mobile Automobile Tinting

Protect your car and yourself. Window Tinting can reduce the suns rays buy up to 80% and UV rays by up to 99% protecting you and your vehicle. Ouir Mobile Service will come to your home or place of business. Fast, convenient high qulaity auto tinting.

Commercial Window Tinting

Reduce the heat in your office. Block out dangerous UV rays and increase security with Tinted or Security wrapped Business Windows and Glass. Call to schedule a free estimate.

Residential Window Tinting

Reduce the heat in your house. Block out dangerous UV rays and increase privacy with Tinted Windows and Glass. Let us design a solution to your sun, privacy or security problems.  Call to schedule a free estimate. 

Security Window Wrap

Protect Your Home or Business with our Security Film. Gain Privacy, Block out dangerous UV rays and increase security by Intaling Security Grade wrap in your Home or Business Windows and Glass. Call to schedule a free estimate.  

Increase your privacy. Reduce your homes interior temperature and save money!

Let’s face it, more often then not, in Tampa, It’s Hot!

Tinting your home windows will allow Florida’s natural light in while reducing the heat and eliminating dangerous UV ray exposure. Installing window film will also greatly improve the integrity of your exterior glass and also provides support for the glass in the event of a crack, break or even bieng shatterd.  Applying security tinting will reduce the visible and physical access to your home and can potentially keep burglars from seeing into your home and being able to break through the glass. The film holds the glass together making entering through a window significantly harder. It can be a great deterrent to any potentially unwanted guests!  Residential Home Window Tinting is surprisingly affordable. It applies easily to your homes glass and can be easily removed if needed, making it a perfect addition to any home or office. 

We look forward to hearing from you and designing a sun solution to meet your needs. Call Us (727)238-1111

Window Tinting Services

Home, Business, Automobile, RV, or Boat. Let us design a sun solution!

Mobile Auto Tinting

We pride ourselves in the quality of our tinting film and the craftsmanship of our service people to make your car, rv, or boat look its absolute best. We come to you for added convenience.

Residential Windows

Keep the heat out, lower your cooling bills and have added privacy and security! Call Sun Solutions for all your residential window tinting needs.

Commercial Windows

Protect your business with our Security Film. Reduce overhead cooling costs and add Privacy. Let us design a solution to your businesses sun problems!

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Happy Customers

” I had Fernando come to my house to tint my car. I am pretty particular about any work getting done on my car but after talking with him, I knew he was the guy for the job. He was polite and confident in his skill set. The job was perfect! Better then I could have imagined! ” 


” We used Sun Solutions for our home. Our neighbors recommended them, and they did not disappoint one bit!  They walked us through our options to come up with a plan to decrease the overall  temperature in our house and add some privacy to our master bedroom. We scheduled a date and they showed up when they said they would, got the work done quickly to the standards we were told to expect. A great experience we will recommend them to our friends also! “

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